My story is like many who enter into holistic health. I had issues that doctors just
couldn’t figure out. I was a long time sufferer of chronic constipation, I suffered many GI
problems and had a buildup of toxins in my body that was making me very sick.

I spent 10 years working in critical care in a local hospital and in doctor’s offices. Over
time, I became disenchanted with the medical profession’s approach of wanting to medicate for nearly every problem.

I decided to become a massage therapist and help people in a different way. I still
struggled with GI issues and after a series of what, at the time, seemed like unfortunate events
in my life, I found colonics. In my first three sessions, I lost 12 pounds. This is not the
norm, but my case was very severe. I was extremely toxic from not being able to release toxins
from my colon. After I got my gut clean, I embarked on a journey to heal myself through
colonics with an anti-inflammatory diet and exercise.

Chattanooga Colonics was started to help people detoxify in a natural and healthy way, to
help people understand how gut health impacts overall health. Better health Awaits at
Chattanooga Colonics.